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    Bees And Hive Removal Service In Brisbane

    When it comes to Brisbane it is not wrong to call it a beautiful place for flora and fauna. If you happen to be in Australia’s Brisbane then you can witness this indeed. Beautiful Brisbane is a house to many pests including bees.

    Out of 1650 species of bees living in Australia, somewhat 200 species are found in Brisbane alone. Bees play a vital role in keeping the environment alive so it’s important to safely remove them from your property. Most bees are called sugar bags in Brisbane as they don’t sting but if a larger bee happens to sting it can trouble the one for a long time.

    We, Bobs Bee Removal, know the anatomy of these insects and are among the best bee removal centres in Brisbane. Our Bee Removal Brisbane serviceman will search every nook and corner of your house or business premises to find out the bees.

    On doing it yourself there are chances of getting hurt and leaving bees behind which in turn can start the colony again or can enter your neighbour’s yard or likewise. So we are always here to assist you with the remedies and if the bees return within three months post our treatment then we will be doing it all over again at discounted prices.

    So for safe bee removal, European wasp removal, beehive removal and relocation, you must call experts only.

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    Bee Removal

    Why Are Bees Dangerous?

    Bees anywhere on your premises become a matter of concern especially when you have pets and kids
    around and coming in of frequent guests. Once bees are agitated by an accidental hit of a ball
    during play or while removing cobwebs or by intention. It is hard to control their aggression.

    Especially when you have small kids around you really tend to avoid the bees nest on your premises.
    If you will not remove the nest the bees keep on returning as these are attracted to their
    pheromones. Additionally, Feral or wild bees in your yard can be a threat to your neighbour as well.

    When the bees’ society starts overcrowding then bees split and form a new colony so if bees are
    not controlled they keep on breeding and expanding. Smoke is one of the ways to get rid of the bees
    from your property and probably they don’t return after the smoky treatment but doing it
    yourself can be risky.

    Bee Infestation

    Common Sign of Bee Infestation

    • Sightings of bees flying in and out of small holes or cracks in a building or tree.
    • Presence of a honeycomb or bee hive in or around the property.
    • Increased bee activity around the property, including bees swarming or clustering in a certain
    • Finding dead bees in or around the property.
    • Hearing buzzing or humming sounds coming from inside the walls or ceiling.
    • Seeing bees entering or exiting chimneys or vents.
    • Noticing an unusual number of bees in the garden or on flowering plants near the property.
    • The appearance of honey or wax stains on surfaces

    Our Three Steps Bee Removal Plan

    Trust the steps followed by our Bee Removal Brisbane team and get ready for sure-shot results. We have done
    this for many years and know its effectiveness.


    Bees can cause so many problems for you and your home. As a result, we begin the treatment
    process with inspections to detect where they have been damaging your property.


    Bees are a serious issue for your property. Therefore, our team will use safe techniques and
    treatments to remove all these creatures. Our bee removal treatment methods are also used for
    hive removal.


    We have the finest staff that can assist you in a variety of ways. Further, we make sure to save
    your property from the dangers of bees as quickly as possible. You must not forget our
    preventative measures.

    Why Do We Believe In Bee Hive And Swarm Removal?

    For the betterment of the environment, it is necessary to domesticate the bees rather than leave them
    untamed. Wild or feral or untamed bees can be collected in a new box and allowed to start a
    domesticated colony. For this bees need to be relocated along with their queen but if relocation
    fails then feral swarms need to be eradicated from your premises.

    Bob’s Bee Removal Brisbane always tries to save the environment whether it’s through
    saving the bees or through insecticides used during the eviction. For more information on bees, bee
    swarm removal and their behaviour and their relocation contact us between 9 AM to 6 PM from Monday
    to Saturday.

    Why Choosing Bob’s Bee Removal Is Trending?

    • We have well-trained Bee Removal experts who can relocate the
      swarm wherever possible.
    • We are able to handle any area of bee infestation like in trees, in wall cavities, rain spouts,
      under roofs or any other challenging place.
    • Our teams work with assurance and provide three months of warranty for our work and repeat the
      service at discounted prices if anything happens during that time.
    • We cover the whole of Brisbane, even Redcliffe and Ipswich. So call out for our service anywhere
      in Brisbane.
    • Our services are quite approachable and easily accessible.
    • The customer care team is available 24/7, therefore, you can make your booking any time of the
    • Our Bee Removal Brisbane experts can come up with solutions to any kind of bee and can remove it
    • All the services that we offer are quite affordable and very reasonable.
    • We have hassle-free booking options.

    Areas Served By Experts Of Bobs Bee Removal

    We Bobs removal providing best services of Bee removal in Brisbane and nearby location. You
    can hire our services also in Toowoomba, Ipswich, Gold Coast,
    Sunshine Coast, Springwood
    and more nearby location.

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    Contact us for your price quote for clearing out the troublesome bees from your premises. You can
    also check about Bees and Wasps Version.
    Get the Bee Removal Brisbane quote for free. Contact us on our toll-free number or
    through our contact us forms. We are here to pick up your call from Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to
    6 PM.


    Yes, our experienced serviceman can do live removal.
    Understanding the vital role of bees in our environment our experienced personnel often
    relocate the bee’s colonies into a white bee hive box and make your property

    If the hive is old or of a significant size the honey can start
    dripping and seeping into the walls spoiling the fine plaster of the walls. If the
    honeycomb is large then it is essential to remove the honeycomb during the live removal
    itself. Honey in a small honeycomb dries out on its own and doesn’t create many

    No, the removal of the honeycomb is an additional service. It is
    entirely a different effort to cut the comb and extract the honey. Most of the time the
    comb is present in a challenging location like between the walls over the branch and so
    on. So an experienced craftsman is needed to do the job. Hence removal of the bee swarm
    and the removal of the honeycomb are counted as separate jobs.

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