Who We Are

Our Story

Bee removal has been a professional service for many centuries, with beekeepers and bee removal companies working to protect and help the bee population thrive. Bobs Bee Removal has a long history of providing safe, humane, and effective solutions for homeowners and businesses with bee problems.

This bee removal company was founded in 1998 by Bob, a beekeeper and apiarist. Bob recognized the need for more efficient and effective ways of dealing with honeybees and other stinging insects. He developed specialized techniques for removing bees, including the use of smoke, vacuums, and even ladders. His company became the first of its kind, and he quickly gained a reputation as an expert in the field.

Over the years, his business has grown to include services such as beehive removal, bee swarm removal, bee removal, and more. We have a history of successfully relocating thousands of bee hives reported by homeowners and businesses across Australia. 

Who We Are

Bobs Bee Removal is one of the top bee removal service providers across Australia. We have a team of highly experienced bee removal professionals. Our team has been offering professional and affordable bee removal services for more than a decade. We specialize in safe and humane bee removal from residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our team provides solutions that are tailored to each individual case, ensuring the best and most efficient bee removal. We are committed to providing quality services while ensuring the safety of our customers and the environment. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can guarantee that your bee problem is taken care of quickly and effectively. We strive to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction with every job.

We are local beekeepers and understand the importance of preserving the bee population. We specialize in the humane removal of bees that cause a nuisance near human dwellings.

We understand that bees’ contribution to our ecological and agricultural environments is crucial to our own survival.

Our Service Philosophy

We are not only here to save people but also bees and the environment. Humane bee removal is always our priority. Also, we are aware people about the importance of bees in the ecosystem. 

Why Choose Bobs Bee Removal?

  1. Professional and experienced technicians: We have trained and experienced technicians who are knowledgeable about the latest bee removal techniques and methods.
  2. Use of humane way: We use high-quality and eco-friendly ways that are safe for your family and pets, as well as effective at removing them safely.
  3. Attention to detail: We take the time to thoroughly inspect your infested areas, paying attention to even the smallest details.
  4. Customer service: We will prioritize customer satisfaction and will be willing to go above and beyond to ensure that you are happy with the results of your work.
  5. Flexibility and convenience: We are flexible and can work around your schedule, and will offer convenient services such as online booking and payment options.
  6. Value for money: We offer competitive prices and will provide value for money, ensuring that you get the best possible results.

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