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    Specialists For Inspections and Bee Removal Services In Melbourne

    At Bobs Bee Removal, we have bee specialists for quick inspections and treatments across Melbourne. These specialists are highly trained and experienced in the field of beekeeping. They have the knowledge and expertise to deal with all kinds of bee and hive-related problems.

    So, if you are looking for a professional bee removal service provider, then you should contact us. We have all the resources and facilities you may need for Bee Removal Melbourne and beehive removal services. We can offer you the most reliable service at an affordable price.

    Book 24/7 Hours Available Services For Bee Removal In Melbourne

    Our team of professional technicians is available 24/7 to help you with your bee and hive problem. We offer a range of Bee Removal Melbourne services for all types of needs – from hive removal to bee removal and beehive relocation anywhere in Melbourne.

    Leafcutter Bee And Hive Removal

    Leafcutter bees are mostly found in Melbourne. They nest underground and make their nests from leaves that they cut from plants, hence their name. They can nest in residential areas often near trees or flower beds but we control them with our beehive removal service professionally.

    Ground Bee And Hive Removal

    Ground bees are not the only pollinators in the world. In fact, there are many other species of bees that contribute to pollination. Ground bees live in large colonies and they have been known to pollinate many crops around the world. But if they bother you, contact us for beehive removal services.

    Stingless Bees Removal

    Stingless bees are at risk of extinction because they are killed often. They are just not as prevalent as honeybees. In order to get rid of them, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck them up and then release them outside the house. For more safe Stingless Bee Removal Melbourne service, you can call us.

    Bear Bees Removal

    Bear Bees don’t use honeycombs as honeybees do for storage of food; instead, they store their food as a liquid inside their stomachs. This liquid is then regurgitated when it’s needed for larvae to eat or adults to drink during times of drought or cold weather conditions when flowers aren’t blooming as much as they would like them. If you want to remove them because they are a problem in your house as you find bees in the house wall or beehives in the house, call us.

    Life Cycle Of Bee

    Life Cycle Of Bee – Egg, Larva, Pupa, Adult

    • The bee life cycle begins when a female bee lays an egg in a cell of a honeycomb.
    • The egg hatches into a larva, which is fed by worker bees.
    • The larva spins a cocoon and pupates inside it.
    • After metamorphosis, an adult bee emerges from the cocoon and starts performing tasks in the hive.
    • The first task of a newly emerged bee is to clean the hive and feed the young bees.
    • As the bee ages, it takes on other tasks like foraging for nectar and pollen or defending the hive.
    • Drones, male bees, have a different life cycle and are produced only for mating purposes.
    • The queen can lay up to 2,000 eggs per day during peak season.
    • Swarming involves the queen and a large group of worker bees leaving the hive to start a new colony.
    • The life cycle of a worker bee is typically 6 weeks, while the queen bee can live up to 5 years.

    Instead Of Killing Bees, Arrange For Their Removal and Beehive Removal

    We don’t kill bees. We are beekeepers at Bobs Bee Removal. Our company offers safe bee removal and bee hive removal services. We do it safely by following various steps.

    Hive Area Inspection

    Hive Area Inspection

    We encourage the concept of the beehive area inspection, which is a system that allows for quick and easy inspections of an area. It provides a real-time map of all the spots in an area and provides detailed information about each individual condition of bees and beehives in the area.

    Bee Removal

    Bee Removal Adelaide

    We do it professionally when you call us for Bee Removal Melbourne service. With our upgraded tools and skills, we can remove all bee species without any danger around your property.

    Bee Hive Removal

    Bee Hive Removal

    We use natural bee control methods for beehive removal and make sure that there is no harm done to you or your kids or pets. Beehives are heavy and sometimes they may fall so we remove them very delicately.

    Follow-Up Inspection

    Follow-Up Inspection And Removal

    We know a lot about bees. We have a team of experts who inspect your property for beehives, remove them as per your instructions, and follow up to ensure that all the honeybees are gone from your property.

    When We Can Help With Bee Removal

    We know that bees can be a nuisance, but they also can cause damage to your property. And, we provide the most effective and humane treatment for your bee problem.

    • Residential place bee removal Our most demanded service can be provided to people who are experiencing problems with bees in their private homes and residential property. Bees in homes can cause some damage to property and hurt pets. We provide the safest ways to remove bees and hives from a property.
    • Commercial place bee removal Some bees may swarm or nest in commercial places. If they come to your commercial property, hire our Professional Bee Controllers to get rid of them. We have experience serving various commercial places with perfect bee swarm removal and bee hive removal solutions.
    • Pre-purchase bee removal inspection OurMelbourne bee removal experts will typically find any presence of bees on a property you are going to buy. This saves you from bees and charges that you may have to pay later on to get rid of bees. We have saved thousands of new home buyers with our inspection skills.
    • Emergency bee removalIf you are looking for emergency bee removal services in your area, you should contact our local bee exterminator. Bees are a significant pest problem. They can increase their numbers every day. You can trust our experts who visit within 1-2 hours of service booking with all resources required for emergency bee removal.

    Bee Removal Service in Melbourne That Is Prompt and Same Day Available

    Bobs Bee Removal offers same-day bee removal service in Melbourne. We are a leading bee removal company and we take pride in our work. We provide professional and affordable services to clients. We have been in the industry for over 25 years now and we know how to get rid of the bees quickly without harming them. We also offer European wasp removal services.

    Why Do Melbourne Residents Pick Us For Bee Removal?

    Bobs Bee Removal is the right choice for you if you are looking for a professional and reliable bee removal service provider or honey bee relocation service. We are right for this service because of the following reasons.

    • Experience: We have been in this industry for a long time and we have handled many similar Bee Removal Melbourne jobs.
    • Professionals We are a team of experienced and professional individuals who are passionate about what they do.
    • Equipment: We have all the necessary tools, skills, and expertise to provide you with a quality service that will not disappoint.
    • Commercial and Residential services: We offer professional bee removal services in Melbourne that will give you peace of mind and eliminate any worries about bees in your home or office space.
    • 24/7 service: We have served thousands of customers successfully with 24/7 availability, which has helped us to grow.
    • Affordable: Our bee removal cost is affordable and really convincing.

    We Offer Our Services in Melbourne and Neighboring Areas

    It is important to get rid of the bees in your home as soon as possible because they can cause a lot of problems. You can do it with our experts who are available Melbourne-wide. We are available with our services in Melbourne and nearby areas. St Kilda East, Montrose, Kyneton South, Mitchell Park and Auburn are some suburbs where we serve.


    What to do if I have any queries about your bee removal Melbourne service?

    Our aim is to get your work done in time so that you don’t have to worry about it. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us anytime.

    Can you remove bees from the roof corners?

    Yes, we can remove bees from the roof corners as well as the canopy of a tree.

    Do you give services in the eastern areas of Melbourne?

    Yes, our team for Bee Removal Melbourne is available to provide services in all eastern, western, southern, and northern areas of Melbourne.

    Do bees come back after bee removal?

    In many cases, bees return back after bee removal. It mainly happens when the hive is not removed or relocated properly. Some bees also escape during the treatment and come back to check the hive, if not found they go back on their own.

    How do I get rid of bees in Melbourne?

    If you have knowledge and experience, with full safety, you can try to remove bees and then the hive. If required, you can get in touch with us to get rid of bees with the help of experts. With full safety and environmental responsibilities, we can help you get rid of bees in Melbourne.

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